Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Respect...Something we all want to have. But seems to also be a thing of the past. You go into a store...You will find that it seems only the door greater and the cashier are decent(not everytime) You see the customers who only care about themselves. Running you over, not caring kids are there. Or you see kids that are HORRIBLE to everyone around them.
Can I say my kids are a exception?..Or am I one?? No.. When I go to a store I do get frustrated with others.I try to be mindful and yet others are rude. Which it turn..I get rude. My kids...Now for the most part with others they are very respectful We get told this all the time. With us.. Wow.. almost never. This is a issue we are trying to nip in the bud. And quickly. Mr B hasnt been very nice at all. And has stated he doesnt have to be respectful to me. So now its lesson time.. 
(Everyone disciplines differently and I love to hear your ideas lol)
My lovely Mr.B...ahhhh the kid who can warm your heart and then break it right after. Since returning from boot camp..Lets just say he seems to think I dont matter. What I say what I do...And the fact Im just the stupid mom I dont deserve....RESPECT.....Im not a officer so using the yes mam term does not apply to me...ahhh did this boy have it very very wrong. You see. Life bit him in the butt. And bit him hard. I was mad which is a understatement. And found though..hmmm I have the upperhand. I am the driver to where he needs to go. And he had a meeting last night. Guess who wasnt driving? that is right..Me. Using the old saying Dont bite the hand that feeds you rang good and true. He had no ride. And since I pay the phone bill he couldnt use it to find a ride. He missed his meeting, And I called his commander to let him know that and why. And he then had to go to work with me(explain this is a sec)
Papa Bear was not happy at all with Mr Bs decision. (Thats putting it lightly) So he added to the punishment. Missing one meeting isnt going to make a point with its multiple infractions is it? Since Mr B also seems to think I do nothing in this house(yes dishes laundry etc are done by faeries) He is now gaining a appreciation for all I do on a daily basis. He knows it is not womens work because even papa does laundry and dishes. Part of this is my fault because I do not make them do much around here. I really wanted them to just be kids. But I do expect help in the chores. It takes a matter of minutes when we all get to it. Normally while they are at school I get the laundry washed and dishes done etc. But right now I am getting a break. Mr B is finding out laundry doesnt come clean on its own and dishes dont wash themselves either. As for the going to work with me....
I work to pay for the kids activities. I work a very small PT job 5 nights a week. And Mr B is now going to be helping me at least twice a week to work for his activities. Lil Bear has been helping me for the past 2 years. Mr B is learning(a lil late on my part) to work for what he wants. He also has to ask me to drive him where he needs to go. It is no longer assumed that I am available as his driver. He must ask in advance(even though I KNOW he has a meeting the same time and day every week) 

Does this sound horrible???  Nahhhhh Life isnt always pleasant. And for my lil cadet...hes learning this. And when he grows up, gets married. His wife will thank us that he knows how to operate a washing machine and washes dishes. He will also appreciate her much more. Because he will KNOW she worked hard. And to me.. that will be worth the stress of these days. 


Karin said...

I am working with my energy from with in in the hopes that this will change the energy of those around me and I am in the hopes that this will create a beautiful new world of respectful nice people around me.

Chris said...

I agree with that completely! Maybe one day it will catch on with others. :)