Monday, January 09, 2012

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YES I'm doing this AGAIN lol. Technically I never stopped. I don't make it by the days of the week, I make a list for 2 weeks plus extra quicker stuff JUST IN CASE. I do NOT shop by the week. Me and stores just do not get along. I honestly LOATHE to shop(yeah I know I'm a female...and your point is???) So here it goes..
1.Chicken Fajitas, Chips, bean dip and salsa
2.Roast Carrots and potatoes
3.Baked Ziti, garlic toast, corn
4.Corn dog muffins, mac and cheese
5. Sub sammies and chips
6.Soft tacos refried beans and spanish rice
7.Biscuits and sausage gravy
8.Chicken and pasta alfredo, garlic bread, green beans
9. Pinto Beans, rice and corn bread
10.Spaghetti, green beans, Bread with butter
11. Grilled Cheese and crockpot potato soup
12. Chicken Strips and Fries
13.Turkey Casserole, Peas
14,Polish Sausage and dirty rice
15.Chicken and Dumplings Bread with butter
16.Smothered steak,rice
17.Bean burritos(havent decided with what yet)
18.Steak Baked potato blackeyed peas
19.Pulled Pork Sammies
21. Loaded baked potato with BBQ pork

Breakfast and Lunch 
Now these are just mainly for weekends kids eat at school during the week(or for me)
scrambled eggs and toast

I dont eat lunch not many diff things lol
sandwiches(we have lunch meat-PB-and cheese And 3 different types of bread)
any leftover
cheese tortillas
Tuna Mac

Crossed off what we have had already. Yesterday I made a big crockpot of pinto beans. These will be used for at least 4 different meals. We had the beans and cornbread tonight. We also have bean burritos that Im making refried beans for out of the already cooked beans. And the bean dip for chicken fahitas, as well as refried beans for soft taco night. When I do the roast Im also at the same time preparing the chicken for chicken and dumplings. The pulled pork sammies will also yeild the pork for the potatoes. Turkey is from Thanksgiving,....Trying to cut cost where I can, and also make 2 meals at once so that when a busy night hits, all I have to do is reheat. This is almost a full month of not repeating a meal as well. I HATE eating the same things multiple times in a month.
When we went to the store to buy the things needed, I also purchased some fruits. I hate to say it but 3 stores later and most the fruit looked like crap. So ended up with a few oranges, some apples and bananas. I wanted grapefruits.. but man they look like someone used them for batting practice.
Buying groceries is getting harder and harder. The prices are killing me. No matter what I cut out and how I only shop on sale etc.. Feeding our smaller family of four is becoming insane. I dont have any tips today on shopping in a budget lol. All I can say is do as much as you can from scratch and stay away from the peanut butter. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that price. I also noticed we have cut a lot of beef from our diet because of the price. Chicken is cheaper(not by much grr) Beans are a lot cheaper(although I noticed those have also gone up....) Most the meat I got was not expensive...ok well it was but I only buy enough to make meals from for most meals. Soups and stuff like that will. Smothered steak will not..

It really isnt hard to make a list of foods you like. I have a master list as well that we add to everytime we try a new recipe and like it. Make yourself a master list and you wont be eating spaghetti twice a week :D

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