Sunday, January 15, 2012

A new week

SO far the menu is working great. Im sticking to it and will have plenty into the next shopping trip that I should actually come in under budget. I cant wait to finally come under budget lol. Also probably taking on a overnight job that only last like 6 days but it makes ok money to make up for some of the shortcomings. Taxes will hopefully be able to be filed in the coming week(just waiting on one more paper... PLEASE let it come this week) As soon as we can get another vehicle I will definitely be all on board for Papa bear to get a new job. I want to make sure I have reliable transportation in case his hours change if he does indeed find a new job.

The boys are out of school tomorrow. I have no idea what we are going to do. Not much Im sure. Mr B is having some issues with school work and is now failing 2 classes so he is enduring the grounding. Just when I think his head on straight.... The weather is supposed to be super nice tomorrow and so I think Im gonna make at least one of them enjoy it haha.

We are supposed to take lil bear to the doc this week. Honestly I am so not happy with the way the new doc is handling the sleep apnea issue.. Including stating we should take him to a behavior specialist...That I think I will be asking to see the main doc. So far the different treatments have included steroid sprays up the nose for 2 weeks that stuffed him up where he had more trouble breathing. The next 2 weeks was supposed to be a mix of Unisom and breathe right strips. Lets say.. I gave the unisom for all of 2 days when I just couldnt bring myself to do it again. To me I am thinking.. hmmm the kid stops breathing in his sleep so why am I giving him something to relax him even more where he may stop breathing for longer.. Yeah no sense at all. Breathe right strips he likes.. Sucky part is they come in boxes of 12 for close to $4.50...So looks like I get to add to my budget for those. He does like how it makes it EASIER to breathe. But another crappy part... We still hear him stop obviously thats not working all the way either. I need the other docs input now. this lady is just starting to tick me off lol.

Ok so my fingers are crossed that this is going to be a good week...... :D :D

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