Our Family

HI!!! Im assuming by clicking that link you want to know more about me and mine??? Ok well if you do read on, if not click another link to run away.
We are a family of bears. The names actually began with our youngest. But will get to him in a minute.
I am Mama Bear. Im a 34 year old tattooed, pierced, unconventional conventional person. (hmm makes sense right) I am a walking contradiction. I love to bake from scratch. (when time permits) I like to live simply. But dont take away my meat. I will bite your arm. I mostly stay at home. Cooking cleaning, reading books online lol. Oh and dont forget playing on Facebook(rolling eyes here)

Then theres Papa Bear. he works more than I care to talk about. Hes a wonderful musician. Just doesnt see it. Pretty damn smart when it comes to most things. (hey hes still a man right LOL somethings they are clueless about) We have been married over 13 years, and have known each other since we were 14. Met in band :D He was my best friend for many years before we got married. He can fix almost anything. Gets frustrated really easily. Is a wonderful dad. I could probably go on and on about him. Hes been half my heart for so long. My rock

And then we have Mr B. (Hes the B bear) Hes my cadet in the civil air patrol. Also does band(playing same instrument as his daddy and I whoot) Hes smart funny loving...I love this kid. Hes also exasperating annoying..and major pain. LOL He is 12 after all. They arent perfect. Im super proud of him. He really amazes me almost on a daily basis. Hes decided he wants to be a pilot and has already flown a cessna(with help) Either that or a meteorologist..Or both..

Then we have lil bear(the start of the bears name) when this child was born we called him Poo Bear(ok his real name comes before that part but ummm yeah his name is still a secret lol) As time went on we called him lil bear. He is one grumpy bear when hes woke up. You dont poke the bear in the morning. Hes my gymnast. A rubber band boy, a daredevil with no fear. He scares the crap out of me. Complete night to Mr Bs day. Smart and loving. A mamas boy to the max. And even at 9 will still give me a kiss and hig and not give a crap who sees it.