Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New day New decisions

Wow.. The changes in the house keep happening. Papa Bear is really liking his job and Im super glad that this is working out.
Mr B turns 13 next week. (AKKKKK) and... drumroll...
We are pulling them once again from the public school here. We have not been happy. We have debated since placing them back in the district whether we did the right thing or not. And most the time it was not. The structure.. is fine. The curriculum.. not so fine.. The bullies.. way not fine.. I find it nuts how little learning they actually do. I hate seeing my kids depressed almost everyday over the environment. Mr B, well hes sad about losing band, but we will get involved in the homeschool band. (as soon as funds permit) And Lil bear will even get to start playing at his age rather than waiting till hes Mr Bs age. We are choosing the K12 program for this endeavor. I for one worry about them getting the credits needed to finish. The boys many times in the last year and a half have stated how much they miss the friends they had when homeschooling. And doing activities with them.  Missing being accepted. Public school has been such a issue. If your pants arent sagging, your not doing drugs, having sex.. etc your not cool. And these are YOUNG kids. If you are smart and have goals.. you will not be accepted. This has been a major roadblock. These kids are more concerned with making people like them, than making decent grades and having goals that are past tomorrow. I talked to people at the school, I tried doing what I needed to do. But.. even I have to admit defeat. I am one of very few parents who give a crap about my kids education, and what they do, who their friends are etc. I am a minority in this. And I cant fight a system full of people who really dont care. For every 2-3 students trying to learn there are 10-15 pushing them down. Its a losing battle. And when I have to admit defeat because, myself as a adult, cant fight the system to make changes there...How is my child supposed to win??? Im disappointed in watching how the system is repeatedly failing. We gave it a shot. We tried. We gave the benefit of the doubt.. And were failed. We were given excuses. I feel sorry for the teachers who give a crap. Their hands are tied behind their backs. These unsupervised un parented children..are running the schools. They are running the streets. And they are terrorizing whoever they can. We are watching it happen on our street. What used to be a good neighborhood is turning into a awful place to live. And the school is full of these. Its a no win situation there. I feel better now that I made this decision and the children are extremely happy to be back into a comfortable learning situation. ANd Mr B is back to making his goals and striving to them, when he was starting to give up. :D

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