Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Relaxed??? Why yes!

I can not even begin to really explain the stress from the last 6 years. Papa Bears job had him stressed all the time. And ya know when men are stressed, they are GRUMPY! And we have dealt with this for so long, it had become the norm. Short on patience. Not mean or anything, just grumpy. The last post was about the fact he finally walked away from the chosen career and entered a completely new field...(No need to repeat that now) It was really hard for him to do this. Hes never walked away like this before. But he did it. I have waited 6 years for this(the first 4 years there were actually pretty good, its the last 6 that weren't) Thursday night, he was very quiet. Lots of things to process in his brain. We were super busy over the weekend, putting in a drip system for my garden, putting wood floor in neighbors house, other lawn work, grocery shopping, cleaning of house and garage....Ok you get the point. Monday started with normal nervousness. Being the new guy is hard. But Tuesday he was much better and ok with the choice. But the major thing I have noticed since Thursday... Was how relaxed he is. I mean, its a HUGE difference. Hes very pleasant to be around LOL. Not so wound up. Its been great! And hes starting to like the place he is now. Of course you know being new, The first day is always the roughest. Meeting people and proving you are capable. Once thats done, its good to go. And yesterday was much better for him there. They are hoping to train him well and move him into a different position that does mean more pay(unlike where he came from where they make you do a ton more and refuse to pay you more..The difference between utilize and use...) Its already been a shock to us in just a few days at how well this place treats their people. Im really looking forward to the days to come. Its been great so far. And theres also the good thing that I may be able to be home full time in the next 6 months. :D I was thinking I had to do this another year. And MAYBE I have 6 months or less!!! ANd that will free up our nights. Because it kinda does suck to run right after he gets home for kids activities and THEN go to my job. Get that done and get home... theres not much time left to just sit.

Add onto all of this, Im trying to also start working out more often. I have a exercise bike of sorts as well as a treadmill. Plus a tower that you can do many different exercises on. I need to get in shape(at the same time still in my makeover business lol...Ok Im not doing so well in that spot, I guess I will feel more up to doing that part if I was happier with my body shape. Im trying to get the kids doing this as well. (this has been a work in progress for the past year.)  I go to the ankle foot doc today and we will see what he says about my ankle. The darn thing still hurts. Im not sure what this says(Probably brace for longer..) Sucky part is this is the last time I can go to the doc for the next few months. And with that, I also will have to start on the deductible again.. So I think Im gonna have to wait on that till January and hope this doc can just give me a rough estimate on how long I am expected to hurt, wear the brace and when I can take it off... Until I can go back to him in 6 months lol. We will see. Most the time they dont want you to get that info. Ok off to put the brace back on, and get some cleaning done!!

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