Tuesday, July 24, 2012

13 years ago...

Wow.. 13 years ago I was just leaving my house after some frantic cleaning. I had no idea at this time I was already in labor. I was a lil sore but I was pissed at a mess left of my bathroom counter by the maintenance man. I was drug from my apartment to Burger King... Ordering my double bacon cheeseburger the lady behind the counter asked if I was gonna drop the baby in there. I laughed and told her not with my luck. I was miserable. It was over 100 degrees and I just wanted to fall over. Sit down take a bite...and well.. I thought I might have peed my pants. So I walk over to the bathroom to find the door locked..I stand there and look down at liquid dribbling down my leg when a guy who works there walks out and asks if I need help.. Me: nahhh I think my water broke.. and then... it really broke... Poor guy. I couldnt help but start laughing because what the luck I have. and hes freaking wanting to call a ambulance. I asked him to get my mother who happened to be the one to drag me out. And off to pick up my lil brother and my bags we go(I still have to call papa bear) We get to the car and start going next door to the mall to pick up my brother.. when I realize that woman I called mother... left my durn double bacon cheeseburger on the table!!(ummm Im starving people!!) Into the mall runs my mother.. Out of the mall runs my mother and brother, then its back to my apartment to get the bags and call papa bear. Ya know.. I still wasnt fully packed.....(Mr B was not due till mid August even though I was warned I wasnt going to last much longer.. the doc just failed to tell me he didnt think I would make it through the weekend!!) As Im throwin a few more things in my bag I call papa bear at work.. All I get out is uhhh hun...When he was saying I will meet you at the hospital LOL. I honestly dont remember if I ever got out my water broke. I get to the hospital and undergo the normal testing(making sure my water did break etc... And papa bear shows up. This is the end of our happy birth story. After that I was miserable. Nurse was horrible, doc did everything I asked not to do, epidural went wrong.. But what made it worth it all... at 12:56am on July 25 I had a beautiful baby boy born. He was 6lbs 10oz and 20inches long. Hair so light he looked bald. a tiny little thing.
Tomorrow I will be a mom to a teenager. Am I ready?? No...DO I have a choice??? No... But ya know, I look back and see 13 years of a kid who has grown into a boy who is now a young adult.. That I am proud to have. The kid who has driven me crazy. Who is to smart for his own good, who tries my patience, but tries so hard to please. I see my baby who has always been a little intimidated to try new things, learn to walk, talk, write, read, drive my car, pilot a airplane, learn to use a stove..The baby who made me a mom. Who taught me what it was like to love someone on sight. The little boy who made us laugh with his little antics. the young child who went to school terrified and came out with a smile. The little older boy with a love of science so strong he has read the entire collection on the periodic table of elements.. Who built things out of legos from his imagination. The now young adult with goals to be someone awesome. I am so proud of you Mr B. You already are someone awesome to me.

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