Friday, August 17, 2012

Doing a Friday Dance!

So this has been a pretty awesome, if tiring at some times, week. Gymnastics changed, schools started, CAP, my job added too...
First Bear DID move up. (Of course we knew he would) SO there goes my bank account and then some lol. He tried it Tuesday and LOVED it. Its longer times, and he knows starting in a few months he will be competing in front of lots of people. His uniform is ordered. We are trying to raise money to help cover fees. 2 different booster clubs plus meets and travel costs and I do believe we have to pay to even get into his meets to watch LOL. Let us hope we can raise enough to keep going until everything is settled down for us.

School officially started yesterday although they have been working for the past week and half. They like it. Im sure it will get harder as time goes on but the first days are pretty slow. We are starting to get the hang of it. I dont think we are missing anything yet

CAP should start getting more going as well. They like to do things when temps get cooler. So we are watching and waiting on that one. Of course now that Bears gymnastics has moved... One is the same day as CAP so its been a scramble to rearrange things.

Ugg on my job. I was REALLY enjoying my 3 day weekends. And well they were just ripped from me lol.  I guess the person on Friday was not doing a good job..Ok I dont guess it.. I KNOW. And I was already irritated from having to pretty much double my Mondays to fix what she didnt do. ANd now.. well Im stuck working it.. But I wont complain much.. It is a lil more money(which as you can see we need right now)

After around March hopefully things will be a lot better.. I hope to have the car paid off. And stuff caught up. Hubs will have hopefully moved up at his job by then. I think even after he moves up Im going to stay working for a lil bit to make money needed for the activities. And try to start saving because each time he moves up the more expensive it is. And the further we will be going for meets.

And now Im off to make my menu and grocery list. I have put it off all week and thats not good lol. Bear has a class at 9 he has to sign into and they have some work to do today, And I have got to get this done so I can go shopping after work tonight(Im sure we all want to eat tomorrow...And yes the kids have said uhhh moommmmmmm.... When are you going to get more milk(theres like a inch left in the jug right now lol) )

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. :)

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