Sunday, August 12, 2012

Way to Go Bear

My lil bear is growing up. I have to admit this. Especially when I get a email telling me they want him to move up to competing in gymnastics.. He is super excited. My bank account however is not.. lol. Boy the run down on costs that just got kicked up at me.. OUCH. But what do you do?? You suck it up..And work hard to find the money lol. And let that boy smile as big as he can because he thinks hes king crap hahaha.

Mr B Flew again on Friday...His new nickname is Ralph(heehee for obvious reasons)And boy did he ever. He has flown a few times with no problems. He says the turbulence was a killer and it shook his stomach up. He was still sick after he got home. Then he spent Saturday doing drills. Busy bee!

School so far is going good. The kids have started some stuff early. Introductions, tests, orientations. The technical first day isnt till Thursday. Bear is breezing through his stuff. He wants to get as much done as possible. Mr B is doing just what he has to do. Im sure this will all start picking up in the next few days.

Papa Bear has been at his new job for right over a month. Its going really good. Hes way calmer. I think we are getting along better too. We can hope money wise it gets even better(looking back up to that first paragraph lol)

Me... well Im working more. And Im trying to organize my life. lol. All this stuff is piled on and I need to sort it out and put it in its order. Im normally really good at it. But after being lazy for so long.. Im pretty disorganized. So tomorrow its sit on my butt and plan. I need to work out a schedule. Since bear is moving up it also changes days and times for him. And then adding on activities with the school program. and with our homeschool group. Yeah its a lot. But I can do it(maybe lol) Wish me luck?? I actually got the donations in the back of my van to drop off tomorrow. SO thats one thing out of my way. Next I have stuff I am selling(to help fund bear) Still getting inside the house organized as well. Its gonna take a lot of luck.. And have I mentioned...My vacuum bit the dust??? sigh...

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