Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Summer did officially begin for us a couple weeks ago. But we have yet to enjoy it completely lol. We are fighting with a pool. Bought it last year, used it 2 months, And it began to leak. Im sure most people wouldnt see a leak if it was nothing but grass around it. But since ours is right by concrete. It ran and ran and ran. The hard plastic on the ladder feet is not a good idea. As it scratches and tears. But holy crap, If Im gonna spend a couple hundred bucks on a pool, I expect it to last longer than a couple months. So this year so far we have put it up, Place MULTIPLE(ok we are at 6) patches, A couple of them are patched twice.(3 times if you count the patch attempt with the piece of crap patches that Intex puts with its cheaply made pools that we tried last summer). Im so irritated its not even funny. My kids have been waiting weeks to try it out after missing out on it at the end of summer last year. We bought a new patch kit. And read online how others got them to work...ANd my only thing is.. ITS NOT WORKING!! Last year we had to drain this thing quite a few times. And this is not a small pool. This is one of those big ones with the PVC poles to hold it up. Putting it together is simple. But be super careful because the bottom of it is some of the thinnest crap. So when trying to get it spread out to fill with water, treat it with kid gloves. Heck if you have a piece of plus carpet that fits under the whole thing. I recommend it. Something to cushion that flimsy bottom. Ok back to the problem at hand. Where I live weather can be a problem. And when you have the thing put up minus water waiting on all the patches to HOPEFULLY SET.. You have to be super careful of wind. You dont want it taking off like a flying saucer. Patch the stupid thing up. Put 6 inches of water in it for 24 hours to see if its gonna hold.. NOPE. Stupid piece of crap. Next listen to 2 kids throw fits because Im about to shoot the damn pool and put it and myself out of its misery. So drain that 6 inches of water, Patch same damn spots once again. Yes it hold for... oh.... a hour. Patching both the top and the under.. Again... And watch the weather that says yep more frikkin wind. So sitting here about to say screw it and see how far it would fly. I refuse to spend almost as much as I did on the pool itself to buy a new cheaply made liner. If the bottom was made out of the same thickness as the side you could actually use it for a lot longer. I had less problems with those 10 buck blow up pools when my kids were smaller. Ok going back out to curse the pool and HOPE these patches hold because we are expecting stong wind tonight so I HAVE to get enough water in it to hold the thing down. ANd if they hold.. it will be over a day of filling it and hoping that it doesnt take long to warm lol.

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