Thursday, June 07, 2012

Changes in the home

After having a long conversation with a friend I wish I lived closer to, about the kids and chores and responsibilities..About my lack of patience lately with it all. About how I wish for my boys to grow up and be productive parts of society..And know how to live on their own....I got some REALLY good advice. And have a lot of things to think about.
You know I just did a post about chores. About the things I want my boys to know how to do. The one thing I didnt touch upon is cooking. Yup.. My boys are about to make a foray into the kitchen. We used to have the boys in the kitchen whenever one of us cooked. And kinda let it go a few years back. And I realize what a disservice it is to them. And to me. Some people might think its wrong(Yeah I dont care) Others will be like.. WAY TO GO(yeah I care heehee who doesnt like pats on the back) But how many of you women would like a man who can cook??? (I have my hand raised HIGH in the air waving it back and forth) Ok so I dont because it would be impossible to type. And the fact that Papa Bear does know how to cook..Now..And most things.......My hubs cant fry a egg. And I think has made pancakes once, heck NEVER has he made french toast. And there are lots of things that frustrate me when it comes to the kitchen. But not nearly as much as they used to. You see I remember 13 years ago when papa could not cook hardly anything. But over the years he has learned. And my goodness that man can make a lasagna to die for. (and not from frozen) OMG Im gonna put that on the menu right now for him to make. Now he helps me a lot. I love it. More times than not papa bear can make the dinner and I can sit here typing away. But the point of this loooonggg drawn out post is, MY KIDS CANT COOK!! During my conversation with my awesome friend, I was jealous of her lol. Her kids are all younger than my oldest. And they can cook almost anything. I agree with the logic. When the kids grow up you want them to be able to handle life. TO cook for themselves to be able to pay their bills, because we all know we do want these kiddos to move out eventually..So starting today(yes today not waiting another minute) Im bringing my kids back in the kitchen. Starting easy. Because soon I will have a young adult on my hands. And then a couple years later I will have another one. And as young adults they should have more responsibilities. They should learn to function. I cant count how many times I have stood over a stove cooking with a horrid headache. Or feeling like a truck ran me over.. When they were old enough to make something simple. So tonight I will have both boys start in the kitchen cooking with me.
Thats step 1. In that step it is bringing them into the kitchen with me.
Step 2 will be giving them easy meals to cook ON THEIR OWN.
Step 3 will be giving them one night a week they cook dinner.
I also want to work on teaching them to make desserts. Hey I want some brownies sometimes and dont wanna make them myself.
We are also in the process of redoing the chore lists. Because well.. they get bored. And it seems I will be up cleaning etc and they will be playing video games. So many changes because part of me hasnt been really letting these kids grow. Maybe trying to keep them a lil longer as kids. Not wanting them to feel like slaves. But its realizing .... if your working WITH them.. they wont feel that way :D ANd they will learn. Off to the kitchen. Time to teach some boys so that when they grow up they wont be coming to my house every night for dinner!!!

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