Sunday, June 03, 2012

Kids helping..

Now I am a firm believer that kids should help do things around the house. From helping with laundry, dishes, lawn work. Because its being part of the family. It should not be all the parents job(once kids reach certain ages) to do all the laundry, or dishes, or lawn work...etc. My 2 growling bears have had chores for many years. It started with the basic picking up of toys. TO getting dirty clothes in a basket, to putting your dishes in a sink....And now they are at the ripe old ages of 9 and almost 13, And we can even get them doing this.....
Painting of the neighbors shed.
 Ooooo Mowing(yeah see dirt spot next pic)
 And helping level the ground again for the pool!!
Its actually nice to have some helpers. Now, Mr B can even run a load of clothes in the washer. They CAN wash dishes....ummm but the finished product isnt always clean...(note to self.. maybe a dishwasher might come in handy.. since I happen to own the last house in the world without one) They can even clean the toilet!! (Yes I do get excited about this.. because umm I am the ONLY female in this house.. and I DO NOT make those messes) Its nice to be able to get a kid to help vacuum.. or even sweep.. And when asked what chores they dont think they can do.. They will say they can do them all. And to me that is part of being in the family. Sharing responsibilities in the house that you live in, is a absolute MUST. I dont eat off all the dishes. And I am positive all these dirty clothes are not just mine. So why should it be MY responsibility?? Even Papa bear does laundry and dishes :D . I wont say making your kids do chores is easy. Sometimes its more fighting than you would feel its worth. Yes I do get sick of telling each grumbling growling its not my day bear...that it is indeed their day to wash a kitchen table. Heck we argue who went first in the shower the night before..And no they dont argue to BE first... But ya know.. when these grumblers grow up into big bears. and become hubby bears and papa bears themselves... I dont want them to be grizzly lazy hibernating bears. I want their girly bears to come and say.. ya know mama bear thank you for teaching your baby bears how to be responsibly hubby bears. :D WHen they grow up and get married or whatever..They can help do that laundry and will have very thankful girly bears :D

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