Friday, June 15, 2012

1 more day!!

Till I get Mr B back. He left for Summer encampment on Friday the 8th. I didnt miss hims AS much this time. But Im really starting to. Hes already been injured once(last Saturday) and I am assuming fine now. They have been such busy bees this week from what I hear. Lil Bear is getting a lil stir crazy with out his brother here for this long. A couple days ago he started being a super pest. Although I am sure they will be arguing by Saturday night lol. Its a long drive to Mr B and a long ride back. We would have stopped to camp with the neighbors but we have another cadet to bring home so we cant. And then I would have to figure out what to do with a dog... Plus Mr B is probably going to be toooo tired. Im excited to go get him and hear about all the stuff they did.
Im in day 3 of a ankle brace. I hate it. Miserable achy hate it. Went to the foot and ankle doctor..finally after MANY years of putting it off) and found that I have tendinitis. And that I have to wear a brace for at least a month to straighten my foot and make the tendon stretch and grow so that I wont continue to walk on the side of my foot. I hate this thing(have I said that already?) During the stretching process its VERY uncomfortable. Im waiting on a med to be delivered that is topical that is supposed to also have a numbing agent in it so I can walk better and with a little less pain. I want to get back on the treadmill again and start getting back in shape. I was doing so well there for awhile. Im afraid of screwing up the left ankle as well with the way I have been depending on it to hold me upright and bear the brunt of each step. And its not that strong. I mean Im not overweight or anything(ok Im about 20 lbs over lol), its just still a lot of weight to be put on a already weak ankle. But doc says its not nearly as bad as the right side so it should be fine...(hes not walking on it) But add on he also did a procedure on the bottom of my left foot lol. Yeah not comfy.
Anyways we are still on the wishing front for hubs to get a new job. He found this morning he didnt get the one he thought he was going to. And it has him pretty bummed. But hes back on the looking front so we will keep holding onto hope that something good will come.
Lil Bear is doing well in his gymnastics. Working hard to get ready for moving up. I think due to money issues we will try again for competing May of next year. Plus it gives that year to fine tune everything and get even better. I want him super confident in himself anyway. And hes not all the way there yet.
Ok off to take a nap. :) if the lil bear will let me lol

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