Saturday, May 05, 2012

School is almost over!!

Ok I am officially doing a happy dance. Im sick of getting up early. Ready to sleep in. 13 days left and in that 13 days we have, park day, awards, band concert, super kids day, gymnastics, civil air patrol, add on work work and more work. And having a garage sale today. Yesterday was field trip day for lil bear and it was AWFUL. Long story short, I reaaally dislike most peoples kids. They are rude hateful disrespectful And yes Im letting a cluster of punks ruin my thoughts on other peoples kids. 5000+ people yesterday at the field trip. And a huge amount of kids were horrid. Lil bear and countless others were targeted harrassed punched. And believe me I was MAD. Lil bear was punched in the stomach and the nose by kids who were around 15 years old. Lil bear is 9. The other kids that got injured were also ages 7-10.  Its time for some parents to stop trying to play kids best buds and be freaking parents. This crap is getting old faster and faster everyday.
Ok so that rant is over and Im getting back to watching the garage sale and hope to make some cash :D

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