Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Positive???? Please???

We are still waiting on job word. I wish it wouldn't take so long. Hate sitting on pins and needles. So lets all cross fingers and hope for a phone call today :).
Bear did not move up in gymnastics. Which is ok. Hes really not ready, but he was completely bummed. I did not think he wanted to move up that bad. With all the crap hes been through this year I am not surprised he didnt. He hasnt had constant practice. But its all right. He will work harder this next year and maybe then we will all be ready(I will admit I wasnt ready for all that either)
I am sick.. again. I swear Im sick of being sick. Started as allergies and turned into a killer chest and head cold. SO I am in day..4 or 5 of feeling like crap. Add on I stopped taking the Yaz pills because they really were not doing what they should have. Not wasting money on it if its not doing what I need(no not the birth control part lolol Im sure that worked, I wouldnt know Papa Bear is fixed ;) )So Im miserable from the top of my head to my feet. Trying to get better but cant stop going like the energizer bunny over these kids. haha.
I think that may be a complete update on the whole house.......If not blame it on the brain fill with snot...

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