Sunday, April 29, 2012

What...... a quiet week????

Nahhh never. Still sitting on pins and needles to find out about a different job for papa bear. Lil bears doing great. And Mr B is finally getting his grades where they need to be after a bout of...well stupidity. 18 days left of school here and all of us are ready.
 Mr B has had a bully all year long. Okay 2 of em. Barely a day goes by without the jerks doing something. And its obvious its not going to end. So Im going to pick him up for the remainder of the year from school, so theres no attacking on the way home anymore. But we are going to spend the summer working out and getting him able to defend himself if necessary. I have a feeling it will be. We dont condone fighting. Not allowed to throw the first hit, but I want them able to defend themselves. Plus we need to build up some self confidence in him. He needs to know he doesnt have to take the constant verbal and even some physical abuse. And that he is able to stand up and stop allowing it to happen. Until he has some self esteem and confidence...It sucks. Damnit I have no idea what to do anymore to help this. Its a load of crap to go through this every frikkin day. Talking to the school did not help, and he doesnt want to be called a snitch or a mamas boy. So this is our best bet. Next year I wont stand by, It will be to the admin building I go. Anyone else have any ideas???
Lil Bear is as active as ever. You would not believe he had surgery. He has a meet coming up in a few weeks that he is preparing for and the possibility of moving up to competing. He was evaluated last week on his first week back. So we will see. Other than that he has been doing great.
We have been in major spring cleaning mode around here. Cleaning up a storm and compiling stuff for a garage sale. After the sale, leftovers being donated away. Plus it is spider season.. I had a unwelcome visitor in my shower the other night and have been freaking out since. Now Im not talking a small harmless visitor. Im talking one of the largest brown recluses I have ever seen. I hate those bastards. And every year I find at least 1 in the house. But NEVER this big. And never above my head in the shower! I jumped out of the shower squealing like a lil girl and papa bear had to come save me. Oh.. for all you who dont know. Im scared shitless of spiders. Im just short of hyperventilating when I see one. I have gotten better over the years.. Because face it.. there are times when you are alone and no one can save you... When Im alone I scream louder then I find the biggest heaviest thing I can throw and HOPE it dies. And there it will stay till papa bear comes home to deal with it. When hes here...well I scream and end up frozen in the spot staring at it.(You know if you look away it hides) Last night I went in the garage to find another massively overlarge 8 legged creature...It was bigger...because it was covered in BABIES!!! AKKKKKKKK so screech I did and he comes running to save me. Sprays it and babies go runnin off its back(umm yeah Im uhh gone by this time) And I come back into the garage to find yet another frikkin spider. Not big but I was able to grab the spray and get it myself.. And told the hubs he was going to the store today to get crap to spray all the way around the house because I will move out if they move in lol. He went and got more stuff and sprayed all the way around(and is getting the inside as well) Whew....Maybe I can sleep tonight..

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