Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost over!

4 days. (not counting weekend) 4 whole whoppin days till school is out. I cant wait!!! I have no plans for the summer so you would think I wouldnt be excited. But holy cow Im ready for sleeping past 6am. Im ready to not beg kids to get out of bed. Im also ready for refresh time. I am sure the kids are too. My weeks will get a little busier, but most of it in the evenings so Im ok with that.
Papa Bear still looking for better job, Mr. B is still trying to move up the ladder in CAP. And Im waiting to order his new rack of ribbons because he should be getting another one soon and I REFUSE to buy a new set in a week or 2.
Papa Bear and I ... are slowly coming together. Its been hard. And for those of you who have been there, hang in!! i understand. Im still having some melt downs because...well Im not one that trusts easy so I question everything. And Im trying to let go, but it is easier said than done. And well, I know it all wont happen overnight. I feel short tempered all the time and it is even making me crazy!
 Right now Im just trying to get this house completely cleaned and in order before kids are home again full time. Easiest way to get rid of things are when they are not here :)
I am still coughing my head off. Over 2 weeks of this crud and Im sick of it. Cottonwood.. I hate this tree. Every year we all get horrible allergies over it. Mr B even called from school yesterday because it was causing him to have a horrible headache.  My coughing is better, (because its not constant) but still doing it often enough that its choking me up! blech. Ok off to continue to clean this mess! (and getting laundry changed out on the line)

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