Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Mind??? Have you seen it?

Today I feel like I have lost my mind lol. I have been insane these past few days. Yesterday was LAST DAY of school.(Can we say YAY??) But ended up hosting my mother here last night so I could take her to the hospital this morning for a angiogram. Sooooo at 8 am Im in a car heading to hospital, leave hospital to run back home to take dog out and grab a drink at 10:45 at 11:30 I am at the TV station when phone rings saying shes done, so I stay at station for almost a hour then head back to hospital.. Well they are still trying to get her to stop bleeding because she kept coughing causing the artery to open again. Soooo at 1:30 I leave hospital to get food(ummm yeah forgot to eat) Back at hospital by 2. (My stomach is NOT happy about sucking down nasty mcdonalds that quick) Leave hospital again around 2:30 to come home and wait for a few more hours because she has to pass a walking test at 430, and be able to leave at 5:30. SUPPOSEDLY she should be ready at the door at 5:30 because I have to rush back home in rush hour traffic, to get my own self to work right after 6, Mr B needs to be dropped off at 630 for a CAP thing, and I have to finish 2 buildings by 720 to pick Mr B up at 7:30.......ANd then back here to relieve a neighbor and Lil bear from mother duty. Thank goodness for the neighbor because Bear was scared to death to be here alone with her in case something happened. Tomorrow I can rest for the most part. Mother will be here until after lunch time when she can drive herself home. Then Saturday we will be with Mr B starting at 8am-1pm helping with cadets and keeping them fed and entertained....And running home for bear to change clothes to get in his gymnastics for his mini meet, then back home to get redressed in nice clothes for a graduation at 6:30pm. I may not leave my bed on Sunday even though hubs wants to go to the Zoo HAHAHAHAH... Now excuse me while I fall over from the insanity..

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