Sunday, March 18, 2012


Here is the past few months summed up in pictures I FINALLY downloaded off the phone...Yeah theres no more room on my phone for pictures lol so have to go take most off...

 Bear doing work on a nightstand he wants to paint
 Bear playing with TV buttons.(No he left them all on air lol)
 Mr B looking snazzzzzzy!!!
 FINALLY a pic of that van...
 Both boys doing archery
 Won a medal for completing all 10 challenges
 My niece and nephew turned 1
 Bear has spent a LOT of time in doc offices in the past couple months..
 While Mr B is away at the gun range... We went to the art museum. THis is Chihuly glass behind bear...
Also saw a OU Mens gymnastics meet.. Bear caught a shirt :)

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