Monday, February 27, 2012

One foot in front of the other..

Everyday is a struggle. Im so tired that I dont seem to function. I think its more of a emotional tired. And add on I still cant seem to sleep through the night. Menu wasnt planned this week so Im winging it. Theres plenty of food. Just have to find the energy to fix it. Tonight was pork chops. Found a marinade at Aldi that we tried and YUM. I will be buying more lol. Some days are better than others. I just have to find me again and then it will all be well.
I also realized that on Friday it will be our 13 year wedding anniversary. And once again we are probably not doing anything. Normally I wouldnt be so bitter, but after this past year, Im hitting a point Im sick of not celebrating. And it makes me hate them even more. Every holiday or special day that goes by I get more and more irritated. I hate always planning everything to try to make it special to have it blow up in my face because Im mad about doing it all and wishing that someone else cared enough to plan something as well. I normally laugh it off with the I dont care attitude but damnit I do care. 13 years... and lets remember it come thursday night and try to throw something together just showing me how unimportant it is..
Ok I swear I normally dont bitch so much as I have the past months...But heck Im just worn out. Im begging for life to get better...

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