Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crazy week

Ok so the menu has been practically null and void this week as we have been running errands battling RSV type virus, spending tax money on things needed, Running kids where they need to go....Sheesh. Havent had time to even download the pictures I want to share.
We have ate out a few times this week since none of us felt good enough to cook. I got a free pizza one day so that was def worth it. We went to our local hamburger joint on V-Day. Tonight its plain old hamburger helper. We have stocked up the freezer and pantry so I wont be running out of food for awhile now. Im pretty happy about that. I shouldnt have to shop except for basic perishable items for a few months(But I will still buy other stuff just on smaller scale so that I can keep the freezer etc well stocked.
Ok so food dealt with.. Now onto the sickies.. We have all been battling it for awhile. The coughing sneezing, ear aches, headaches,stuffed noses, trouble breathing. Yeah we are at it all. Over a month now. Dont forget sore throats. Supposedly its a type of RSV.It drains the energy but not where you feel like death worn over. Papa Bear started it, then lil bear caught, then Mr B.. me on the other hand battled on a much smaller scale until a few days ago(go figure when everyones getting over it finally) But good thing so far mine wasnt horrible. A couple days of feeling like crap and Im much better now. Im hoping this is the end and we are all done with it.
Subject switch to Vday.. Now I am a scrooge. Sorry peeps but I am. I think that too many people show love on that day and then forget to appreciate etc the rest of the year. I dont like flowers that dont come in a pot that stay alive. And really... dont want chocolate thats going to the hips.(I really dont need help there lol) I want to be appreciated and loved all year long. So on Vday I was a horrid grump. I am hoping this year I will get out of my scrooge spot. Papa bear has been working hard on trying to fix things and I have to meet halfway. And sometimes it takes stating these needs etc. ANd too many of us women are taken for granted until Vday. (ok yes even you men can have this too) Im just saying women because..well I am one lol. But yes even in some relationships it is the men taken for granted. But anyway back to the story..People speak up all year. Say look I need support understanding, appreciation...Not just sulk(Yeah.. umm Im guilty of that) So I have a lot lately stated what I need in a relationship. I need a partner all year long. Not just on special occasions. I do pout every holiday because Papa bear is not a planner. If hes gonna do something it will be a day late and he will throw it together(yes this irritates me) I want to be thought of as important enough to plan for :) Dont run to Hallmark at 0 dark 30 on the day of saying crap I forgot a card.. I dont like being a afterthought(most people dont) and even if you dont mean it that way.. Yes thats how it feels! (Keep this in mind all you people in a relationship where YOU are the one who does this) Honestly Vday happens on Feb 14 every frikkin year. It never changes so it should be easy for you to plan for. :)
Ok off that soapbox and onto errands again. Hope the next post has pictures!! lol

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