Monday, January 30, 2012

Waiting on tax money!!

I will admit I AM NOT the most patient person in the world....And since I have waited what seems like forever Im ready to crawl out of my skin. I want a reliable vehicle that I LIKE(ok so as everyone tells me the truck is not bad I JUST DONT LIKE IT) And last year we had to use the tax money to put a new heat and air system in the house(when I WAS going to get me a car I liked....) And I had waited for 6 months when that went out so I knew for the next 6 I wasnt getting the car I sooo hoped for. Now a year later its almost in my grasp. We should have it next week, and IMMEDIATELY I am going car shopping. All the kids cant wait either. I pick up what I like to call the Jr High crew most days after school and climbing in my extended cab truck has been a PITA. Fitting 3 teens(preteen and teens whatever) into a truck shouldnt be hard...But it is. They have to squeeze in and its a pain. They cant wait till I have a mini van they can just hop in. Needless to say I cant wait to have one either lol. I will be able to fit more people in and if I have longer trips to do then it will be roomy enough that it will be a more comfy ride for all involved. PLUS I CANT WAIT for cloth seats...My truck has vinyl seats....Yup you guessed it.. In the winter your butt freezes within a second of sitting.. And in the summer you get blisters on your arse and legs lol. I will NEVER buy anything leather or vinyl seated EVER again. 
My kids are ready for A/C that works and heat that heats faster than in 15 minutes lol. My truck has a temper, its like me.. LOATHES the cold. so when its super cold it fights to start. lol Im ready for those days to be over. 
Ok so enough about my vehicle complaints. Im just READY for a mini van (soccer mom status here I come)

On another note my joker bear and I have been talking again. I miss the fire out of him and the way he can make me forget my problems. SO its been nice to have him making me laugh again. Hes like my left arm.Hard to live without)  Papa Bear(my right arm) and I are talking more again as well. I can only stop and let a lot of things go in hopes of finding the peace again. The lil bear is sick and Mr B...well Mr B is doing a lil better. Its been a eventful week of emotions for me. Im finally letting my wall down and starting to smile more. During my awake moments. I have also been working overnights so sleeping all day. Had to rearrange doc appt etc for lil bear cuz I realized theres no way I can drive him all the way to the doctors office on 2 hours of sleep. But then had to make a appt for the dentist for him this week so that Papa Bear can take him. Lil Bears spacer is giving him trouble again. And so his mouth is swelling. If its not one thing its another ya know.

Off to find the house under the mess(I hope) or fall asleep(more likely) 

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