Saturday, February 04, 2012

Menu only for a week this time

Again some repeat due to a incident with the neighbors freezer that we helped eat the food before it went bad.(Reminders to people if you have a upright freezer...MAKE SURE THE DOOR IS CLOSED! )
1. Chili Dogs and chips
2. Crockpot chicken burritos
3.Taco salad
4. Chicken Fried steak mashed potatoes gravy and corn on the cob
5. Meatloaf, either fried or roasted potatoes
6. Egg Mcmuffins with canadian bacon
7.Frito Chili Pie
8. Pork Chops applesauce pasta and green beans
9. Bedder chedders and hot links

So there are a couple extras on there and still have more in the freezer. I always plan a few extras in just for those days that I dont feel like doing much. Mondays and Tuesdays are always crazy for us so the simple quick meals end up there. And this week I am going to be taking off a few days. I really need a time to recoop from the crazy no sleep these past 2 weeks. My body has hated me. I spent yesterday barely keeping my eyes open.  I probably spent only a few hours awake all day. On top of that I feel like I have been run over by a truck. During my days off I hope to get a new to me vehicle. :D I cant wait!!
Ok back to the menu, I know that I never say HOW I fix these items. Well.. honestly Im trying to make them healthier. Sometimes I think we eat WAY too much fatty foods. (umm the scale is telling me so) The hot dogs are all beef. I wont eat the weird leftover part hotdogs lol. Chicken fried steak...yeah that one is pretty fatty :) But I am a southern kinda gal..mostly. Meatloaf I drain as much of the fat as I can off it. Im really thinking its going to be roasted potatoes. As much as I loooooooove fried potatoes I need to limit the grease intake. Frito chili pie is a fatty food that we dont eat often. But it is super cheap on the budget. Pork chops will be grilled. So much healthier that way. I am trying to eliminate the amount of bread we eat. We eat a ton of bread. I like my bread....But its gonna be cut WAY down.
Yesterday during my incoherent awake moments I made deer jerky. It was a product of the neighbors freezer being left open. Did not want the deer meat to go bad. In all I did 4 lbs of deer meat. Still have 1lb left and some deer steak to do before it goes bad(wish me luck I have NEVER fixed deer steak!)

The crazy life update.. umm I have no idea. I really have walked through life like a zombie the past couple weeks. I do know Mr B is working his butt off on these grades, I am now doing the facebook for CAP, Lil bear is being a punk lol. This week will be a busy one, mainly because taxes should be here Tues, Then we can go get tires put on the car(it REALLY needs them) brakes windshield wipers.... And doing the great van hunt. Also have doc appt for lil bear, gymnastics, CAP, and who knows what else.

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