Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nasa Orion Exhibit!!!

Last night we spent some time at the Science Museum with the CAP Cadets. We went for the special Orion Exhibit and had a AWESOME time(there is no other way to say it.) We met astronaut John Herrington and Larry Price, Lockheed Martin Orion Deputy Program Manager. He is a super smart guy. I will never be able to figure out numbers as quickly as he does. Add on meeting Joshua Byerly who is one of 3 voices in the countdown we all know so well. The cadets had a great time learning more about Orion and the space shuttle(yes we are all sad there will be no more) John Herrington and Larry Price even met with us after closing time for more picture taking and more Q&A. We listened to a presentation by Larry Price explaining what the hopes for the future of NASA and what Orion will be doing. John Herrington also answered a TON of questions about what he did as a astronaut does wears eats and how it feels to blast off. Here are a few pictures...And the cadets even had their picture put on Nasa Orions facebook page!!( famous cadets now!!) 

John Herrington front and center


Q&A during presentation

A great group of Cadets

Bear signing a plate to be put back on Orion and flown into space

Taking extra time for Q&A
Joshua Byerly (1 of 3 voices for the countdown. REALLY funny guy)

Larry Price!! Amazed by his brain!

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