Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu for 1/21-2/3 (and then some updates on life)

The next 2 weeks will show some repeats listed from the last one(these are the extras that didnt get made during that time) Crossed out means of course already made and devoured lol and like always its just a list. Not a day by day because there may be lots of days I want easy to cook. I will also be working overnight a lot during the next 2 weeks (found out after menu made and shopped for sigh..) so its going to be fun making some of these lol.
1.Pulled Pork Sandwiches pasta salad
2. Loaded potatoes with leftover pork on top
3. Smothered steak rice brown gravy
4. Chicken and Dumplings
5. Turkey Casserole 
6. Chicken strips and Fries
7 Chicken Alfredo
8. Corndog muffins
9.Hamburger helper
10. Nachos
11. Taco Salad
12. Hot dogs, mac and cheese(these are tonight)
13.Frito Chili Pie
14. Brekkie (probably homemade waffles and sausage)

Now most of the beginning is the extras that was written on the last menu. I actually made it right under budget this time. Would have been a lil more under but had to get some non food items as well, which I do count in my budget because well..its at the store. I did not put all the sides down next to each main meal. Its a variety of corn, green beans, peas,pastas, potatoes.. Whatever I feel like adding that day. I really dont like hamburger helper but its cheap so gonna go with it. Hot dogs tonight because of gymnastics and having limited time. Today I am also baking brown sugar cinnamon muffins for easy grab snacks or brekkies. If I have time I might bake some other stuff but we will see.

Since I hate doing multiple posts in a day...Heres the updates of our crazy life as well...
Mr B finally dug his head out and decided to tell us whats going on with him. And now realizes all hes pulled lately just hurt him more than anything. Hes dealing with bullies and well its affecting him in many different ways. Instead of standing up for himself or even finding a adult to help he started acting out and failing school. Since my kids were homeschooled for a while they know how to deal with people who are accepting. And well most the kids in this public school are just assholes. After a very long discussion and realizing almost EVERYONE hated or hates 7th grade he feels a lil better. But hes being called names on a daily basis and its worn on him. Sad thing is...this is soooo common the teachers etc dont even see or hear the crap anymore. Obviously numerous young kids committing suicide hasnt made people think different. And so now Im watching my kids even closer. My oldest expressed the fact he hates life right now because hes tired of being called names and tripped walking to his desk etc. Its pathetic and Im pissed. And right now trying to figure out how to fix this. I want to go smack the bully kids parents. For the fact they are raising kids who live to make others miserable.
I do hope sharing some of our experiences with Mr B helped. Let him understand everyone goes through this and to realize he is a good kid who has a future outside of jail unlike some of his peers. Sigh...

Ok Im off to start baking!! Then starting tomorrow sleeping during daylight hours and working in the middle of the night...Hate it but money is money right??

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