Monday, December 26, 2011

Off to bootcamp

This morning I sent Mr B off. He should be in Kansas in the next hour or 2. Signing in and settling into the barracks. Yes a few tears escaped after he left. Im letting my baby go. Even though its only a week its still so hard for me to deal with. Im sure I will be ok for a day or 2. Then Im gonna miss the fire out of him.
Christmas was great. We spent time with the in-laws. The kids loved their presents. And even I got a cool present from papa bear. Cake decorating kit. Lots of new tips for me to play with when I feel like baking again. LOL. I have baked so much in the past couple weeks Im worn out. A couple more weeks and I will be ready to play with it.  We were shopping for the lil things up till the afternoon Christmas Eve, Papa bear didnt get paid till Friday so lots of things had to be put off till then. Was able to make dinner work. Im glad of that. I was super worried after I ended up having to figure out where to find the money to buy it all.
Im hoping for a great new year. So crossing my fingers that things will finally start looking up in the financial department. Im hoping for the first time in 13 years not to worry how to pay the bills.
Well off to play with lil bear. hes lonely already without his bubba here lol

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