Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally some pictures......

Mr B Playing in his First Band Concert

Lil Bear at his meet

Mr B went to the gun range and got his marksmanship badge!!

Mr B with his cousin the Prince

Bear with cousin the princess

Yep the babies are twins :D Those were taken when we went to the in law house for Thanksgiving. The boys LOOOOOOVE the babies and I swear carried or played with them constantly for over 8 hours. They kept switching which baby they held. It was really sweet. I think one day they are gonna make good daddies.
Mr B is getting ready for boot camp. In a week he will be on a van heading out. Im the nervous mom even though Im sure he will do great. He has a pot luck dinner with his CAP squad Tuesday and I have lots of baking to do before then. He is excited for all of it. Its gonna be a super quiet week without him around.
He had his first band concert. Did great. Hes the blond in the 2nd row at the end LOL. Hes also joining the reading club at his school, and we just changed his schedule for the next semester. He will now be in AP science. Hes also working on all other subjects so he will be comfortable moving to AP classes in other subjects next year. We looked at OU school of meteorology the other day and he saw what he needs to get done to prepare. Im pretty proud that hes paying this close attention to the things he needs to do to get ready for college.  

Bear had his meet and did great. Hes still needing to work on his nervousness when people are watching. Its better each time but its still there. He is also turning 9 this week. Where has the time gone? I cant believe he is already turning 9!!!! My baby really isnt a baby anymore. Hes doing great in school. Has moments where he cant shut up (which is total opposite of a couple years ago where teachers were complaining about him NOT being social) He had a sleep study done and we have to go to the docs this week to discuss the results. 
Alot of stuff going on. Papa bear is on vacation again(ya know the use it or lose it) Hes gonna get some items on the to do list done.  Now Im off to get lil bear moving to eat before school...hes boycotting everything I have. LOL

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