Sunday, January 01, 2012

Another year past A new one to begin

Yup it is 2012... Wow.. Seems like it was just 2011 yesterday....(umm yeah bad joke...) 
My year in review...
Bear-Moved from homeschool to public school, Moved up in gymnastics, grew up a lot. Learned to rollerblade. Came out of his shyness(mostly) Started 3rd grade after a long summer. Marched in his first parade. Swallowed a metal ball had to have Xrays to track its movements. Got kicked in the unmentionables ended up in ER. Had a sleep study done found out he stops breathing at least 4 times a hour and moves A LOT in his sleep(ummm yeah we knew that part LOL) Found a love for drawing and draws all the time. 

Mr B- Went from homeschool to public school. Moved into Jr High, started band, playing clarinet. Joined Civil air patrol, shot his first gun, flew his first plane, went on weekends away learning search and rescue and how to shoot a gun, left for encampment in Kansas keeping him away from home the longest ever. (at this moment he is still not back..will be tomorrow night) Had his first band concert, underwent a allergy test and started immunotherapy(which will continue for at least the next 6 months at most a year and half) Built and flew model rockets, marched in a parade, worked a aviation festival. Started making college goals, changed his Science Class to AP. Drove a car(not far and scared the crap out of me) 

Papa Bear and I...
 Papa Bear worked tons of hours. Seemed like we never saw him. This(now past) year has been super stressful on us both. Schedule changes caused us to change our lives around for awhile. The strain tested us to the limits. I spent most of the year tired. Trying to maintain the house and the kids schedules and working around Papa Bears. Shuffling kids from one place to another. All with 1 reliable vehicle and one..that you hope makes it lol.  A lot of people I know have had rough years lately. Let us hope this new one brings us better times. 

In this new year....
I dont make resolutions.. I hate to feel like I failed when I dont complete it... But I can Have New years Hopes wishes etc...(sounds so much better dont it) 
I hope to lose 20 lbs this year.
I hope to get a reliable vehicle for me. 
I hope and wish for Papa bear to get the pay he deserves and we need. Whether that be with a new job or a significant raise...
I hope that the problems between papa and I will resolve. And trust can be rebuilt this year.

The things that we KNOW are happening in this new year..
Bears moving up to competing in gymnastics. Mr B has summer encampment that I WILL make it to that graduation.. Mr B will become a official teen.. Bear will hit the double digits.  My schedule may explode but Im hoping to enjoy it. I want to think positive and maybe positive things will happen. 

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