Tuesday, December 13, 2011


That word is something I have to remind myself many days...Hope..I used to always hope. And work for what I hoped for. Lately being stuck in the funk I havent reminded myself as often. So here is goes..
I hope this next year brings something great
I hope that the bridges that have been burned or singed can be mended or rebuilt.
I hope I can do more for my kids
I hope I can look at myself and just be happy with what I see.
I hope the bills get paid

Theres many things I hope for. Wish for..dream about. I hope to see some major changes in the house within the next 2 months(hopefully a lot less)
I hope that the hubs and I can bridge the gap that has only gotten wider over this year. We are having to re get to know each other and yeah..Its rough. Better most days still rough others. Nothing happens if you dont work for it right? :D
I will hopefully add some pictures in the next couple days. We have been super busy with CAP and gymnastics. Work, house, Bears birthday is coming up very close. Getting ready to send Mr B. I think I have most his stuff ready lol. Christmas is getting closer. And still quite a few appointments in the nest couple weeks.
Now off to clean this house up more, I have got to quit letting stuff slide with this house. It is not filthy..Just cluttered again. Time to stop being lazy and get my booty up and get to it.

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