Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seriously!! This year is almost gone!

Well.. Im just in shock. This year has passed me by and I swear I just realized ITS OCTOBER! And close to the middle of it as well! With the calendar so full Im just looking at the list of to do not the date lol
Bear had gymnastics yesterday. Amazes me how good hes getting. Scares me as well! Im realizing..that soon he will be doing flips across my yard. And not just the easy ones, but the flying in the air ones!!(heart attack time) Since moving up to advanced Im seeing a improvement in is attitude towards gymnastics. He was starting to not like it before moving up, Mainly because he was just frustrated not learning new stuff. Now hes smiling as he flips and stuff again. (Im a wonderful gymnastics mom...I call it all stuff LOL Maybe one day I will learn the names of everything)
Mr B has had a rough couple weeks. He hasnt been the best he could be. I think we are starting back on the turn around to being good again though. He is learning.... Just hate having to say well...If this was done or said to you how would you feel? He feels it when its turned around and hes like oh crap I wouldnt feel very happy. Seems the more we do that, the more he understands that he needs to treat people alot better because it would suck to be treated like crap himself.
Other than the attitude getting adjusted, Hes doing well with CAP when he decides its important.(hey I still have to realize he is 12 and while he has his life planned out dont mean hes not just 12 and wants to play video games......) Hes going to start to feel like hes doing something soon. Today they are putting WW2 veterans on a plane heading for DC. This Saturday he will be guarding planes and helping promote CAP. The next weekend he has search and rescue. Lots to do!!
Papa bear is still working all the time. So nothing different there.
I am trying to decide as to go get a full time job and make seeing the fam worse...Lots of hard decisions coming up. And well..When are decisions ever easy?
Time to go wake the lil bear and get him moving on getting ready for school..Wish me luck!!

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