Friday, October 14, 2011

Saving money

I have been working my arse off trying to save money. I can say in some ways Im doing good. Im couponing up a storm trying to find the best deals. I figure I can give a short run down at how and what I saved on. Yesterday I went to 3 stores, 1 I didnt get anything from there because they did not have the stuff on sale that I was originally told was.
Anyway First store...I did not buy ANYTHING without a coupon as well.
Bag Pixie sticks-1.98
Bag of nerds candy-1.98
      Used a 1 off 2 bags coupon..
Big bag mixed candy 4.48
       Had 1.40 off this bag
Box of minute rice 2.00
Mrs Dash seasoning 2.42
      Couon for 75 cents off minute rice with purchase of seasoning
Purex softener crystals 3.97
     1 off coupon
CG-Blush 3.74
CG eye shadow 3.14
      $8 off on purchase of to covergirl products

As a main run down before taxes
Subtotal 23.71
After coupons 11.56

Store #2
Armour pepperoni 2.29
    coupon- .55 off
2 boxes Lucky Chars cereal @ 1.86 each
    Coupons .50 off each box
2 Pork tenderloins at 5.99 each
     Coupons for $1 off each one
2 bottles Tresume Heat tamer @ 2.97
     Coupon BOGO free
2 Arid XX deodorant @ 1.25
     2-$1 off coupons

Before taxes
Subtotal $29.62
after coupons 19.52

Ahhh a lil proud of me lolol

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