Monday, September 26, 2011

I hate feeling like a chicken with its head cut off

On the 2 weekdays the hubs is home we tend to run around like crazy. Packing everything into a few hours before kids get out of school. And add in Monday Laundry day LOLOL. So kids to school, picked up the house a lil, laundry going(whew glad hubs is here to help) Now about to start the errands...Today its a run to the alterations shop to get patches put on Mr B uniform. Im hoping that after a lil bit all this stuff is done and these 2 days will chill during the day(wont at night LOL) We also have gymnastics tonight(YAY for lil bear moving up) SO it made my Tuesday a lil less hectic.
I have been doing better on my menu. Not as well on my shopping. The more I have tried to save money the more I have spent. Mainly because we have been out of everything and having to slowly stock up..(yeah I know doesnt make sense lol) So each time I shop I add a few items that I have to stock up on, especially before the OT from hubs job is over. (hmmm we still have no idea when that will be)
Havent really had any company lately. Been so busy cant seem to think straight. We are planning a cookout soon with a few neighbors. But thats about it.

Ok off to start the running again :D HUGS ALL!!

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