Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Dentist appointment down..

With a miserable kid left behind. Lil Bear and Mr B had to go to the dentist yesterday. I may never get Lil Bear there again. He is done. Mr B had a couple teeth pulled and a filling(his first cavity) The 2 teeth were just baby teeth that were hanging on for dear life. Lil Bear on the other hand, who seems to never get a break, had a tooth pulled that wouldn't have come out on its own normally, till he was about 10. They pulled the molar(which still has a huge root attached)Filled a adult tooth that JUST CAME THROUGH. And then put in a spacer on the hole left behind from the molar. He is a miserable and uncomfortable little boy. These spacer things..are the oddest little things. A square piece of metal. Thats empty in the center(EMPTY!!!) so yay.. Everytime he eats we have to go brush the teeth and HOPE we can get every little bit of food out of that little hole. ARRRRGGGGG. The frustration with his mouth goes back getting close to 5 years. When he got his teeth broke. From that point on. One thing after another. Putting flouride on his teeth twice a day everyday, for a year. Then getting them fixed to have them fixed 2 more times due to them getting broke AGAIN Then all the antibiotics from his lungs, gave him a ton of cavities. Finally resulting in surgery literally a year ago. Now this. guessed it. Next will be braces. I will leave this post with a picture from a year ago of him looking sooo pathetic just coming outta surgery..


susieloulou said...
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susieloulou said...

Chris - You should talk to Janet about her tooth routine. It's great for people who have trouble brushing, and great for teeth!!

susieloulou said...

Ok, I commented twice! sigh. This makes 3.