Monday, November 16, 2009

Another homeschool Ah Ha moment

There are days I am unsure. Many of them. When things just seem like they are not going so well. Stress is at its peak. And you feel your failing in some way. Of course we all have these days in every bit of our lives. And then you have those....Ah Ha moments. The ones that tell you, your on the right track and everything will be fine. Today.. this day started as one of THOSE mornings. That you really go WHY am I doing this? WHY do I continue with the madness? And of course the WHY DO THEY NEVER LISTEN?? Well this continued...Until around lunch today. When I think we all were worn out. Then at around 1:30.. Space Shuttle launch. And thats enough to bring us all out of our bad moods. We LOVE watching the space shuttle. Everything about the shuttle makes us happy. NASA is our favorite site to be on. And after we sat waiting for the count down to begin. Then watch the count down. Then watch the lift off. And then.. watch until the feed ends. (hehehe talk like a kid there huh..and then and then and then) Afterwards, Lil bear finds Mr Bs space shuttle toy. Its a model of the space shuttle on a launch pad, with rocket boosters and fuel tank. And reenacted the whole scene. From siting on the launch pad all the way till it lost the last tank. Including the flying upside down until it was at the right spot to turn over. And thats when you have the AH HA moment. And know.. This is why I do it. The smile..The knowledge of the event that took place. and the excitement. Excitement you normally don't see, when they are gone all day. sighhhhh

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