Monday, November 23, 2009

The week of Thanksgiving

Most that know me.Know, Im not much of a holiday person. I used to be. LOVED Halloween. It was always my favorite. The dressing up, the candy. The getting to knock on strangers door and see what other peoples houses look like. (sound odd?--Bear with me...) Thanksgiving. Was usually spent at my grandmas house. Or my mom cooked it. My mom has never been one to make a juicy bird. And Thanksgiving just wasnt the same unless you were eating a dry turkey in a house filled with grumpy people. Christmas...Now Christmas makes me remember being little and the cheap ornaments and fake tree. And getting a doll or two.
Halloween was fun. Even all the years of putting a sheet on like hundreds of other poor kids and being a ghost. Going into the "nice" neighborhoods and getting chocolate. Thanksgiving and Christmas were just more holidays to remind us how poor we were. We had a couple good ones. As I got older it seemed....that what ever bad was going to happen..Was going to happen AT THIS TIME OF YEAR! I don't know why. But after a couple years of something always happening starting in October, to finally end in January..You just start to dislike the holidays. With the boys, we do try to decorate etc. but find it hard to find the cheer lol. Halloween we did not decorate for. We took the kids out and then we went out. Thanksgiving is coming..and well ours is always on a Saturday and since we don't seem to have much family. Well we do ours with a friend who has been a huge part of our family since Papa Bear and I were married.
We did however early...put up Christmas lights outside. Because...well as lil bear says...they make him smile. And I am trying to not be a scrooge. Besides Me being a scrooge, takes me back to my younger days. Where there was plenty of scrooging lol. And I want my kids to remember, no matter what, we were happy. And I am still working on it. The kids get sooo excited for this time of year. And maybe it is about time I did once again.

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