Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Links List, update and lots of ramblings

I have been doing a lot of updating to links. If you are looking for something specific, let me know. Almost everything I list is a free site. I do not get paid to put those links here. They are links I have personally used with my boys. There might be a couple that have free trials, or free sections. The Germany site was sent to me by one of my faithful followers and you can check out her blog HERE
My sincere apologies for not posting that much. I have been quite busy. We are still hoping for changes, and at this point we are just waiting. The boys are doing great. I am still struggling with my schedule. I have finally sat and discussed it with myself.(and then a friend, because who really wants to admit they are talking and discussing matters with themselves) And I realized, I am still thinking like I was a year ago. Trying to live on a schedule I created for myself a year ago. So now its time to go back to the basics, start over, and make it work once again. This time remembering my life became a little more busy.
The workboxes are going great. Eventually I will have to get a picture of our modified workboxes together. We are using your basic file box, and hanging file folders. Only 10 per kid. Mainly because adding 2 more to hit that 12, might just overwhelm them. Each folder holds a assignment(yes A as in 1) So 10 assignments a day. And so far so good. I thought it was going to be a ton of work. Until I realize when I do my planning on Sunday and write down the weeks assignments to do, It will only take me about 15 minutes to fill both(yes both) boxes. At 9am the kids grab their boxes and go to the table. I do sit with lil bear a lot. Because after all he is only 6. And Mr B is doing great using help cards to ask a question. That is one of the biggest things we are working on. After a particularly hard day. I found him crying. My first instinct was to actually tell him to suck it up. But I took a step back and asked him WHY. And he broke harder telling me he didn't remember HOW to do it. After explaining to him, this is another reason why we homeschool. He does not have to feel stupid asking a question, or wait in line behind 20 plus other kids. All he has to do is ask. And the help cards have helped this. I give them 3 each. But of course...if they have more than 3 each questions I still tell them to ask. And since then, he is actually asking on things he does not understand. They both have learned so much. I am shocked. We have moved Chase into 2nd grade stuff, well because there has been nothing in 1st grade stuff that he didnt already know. If I am repeating anything here, sorry. Scatterbrain has a hold on me this week.

I do hope to continue to add stuff through the week. Trying to get everything to where I should have had it awhile back.

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