Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bye Bye Butterfly

Sad news to report,As of Day 2, The Chrysalis was no more. No sooner than I posted the last blog, My darling hubby said it looked like it was dripping. And well, long story short, I guess lots of time in the "wild" flies or wasps will inject their eggs into a caterpillar, and when it forms its chrysalis, the maggot will emerge..And thats what we had happen. Very sad for the poor thing. Next year I do believe I will buy the habitat and eggs and so it from the beginning so that there are no chance of this again.
On another note, we are taking a sorta off week. Just kinda taking a week to relax, and enjoy just being. The boys have done great with their schooling. And its a well deserved break. Of course they are bored now! I spent today trying to clean the house really good, since I have really been more maintaining lately. Finding my balance. And really happy I got it done. By the end of today, I did make them help. But ya know...they really need to help a little more. I don't want them doing the laundry themselves, or anything like that. Mr B takes out Trash, they both deal with the animals(the cat and dog) but its just feeding and changing water. Once a week they help gather laundry. Other than that, Just their Jr Chef Jr Host. Well and Mr B also puts away dishes. And they are to clean their room and the playroom. on occasion lol. So really not much. Today, Mr B had to help scrub the bathroom to why, anyone with boys KNOWS why....And Lil Bear helped me clean the AC/Heater filter cover. And that took forever. Plus he help scrub out trashcans. Other than those couple things today, they played. All day. Until doctor appointment.
Now on the doc appt. Lil Bears skin, well his bumpys as he calls them, are nothing. Just a normal thing for a kid with asthma and allergies. And we have meds for his nebulizer for the JUST IN CASE winter weather that seems to get him every time. Mr B will have to have one scheduled to discuss his hernia again.. Have a bad feeling the other side is trying to present itself finally. And that he also possibly strained the already fixed side.
Whew that was alot to spit out today! Until next time....


susieloulou said...

So sad about the butterfly :-(
And I visited today and the counter has the same number as yesterday :-(

susieloulou said...

hey - it's not counting me today either :-/