Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lil Bears Stanley

Well Lil Bears Stanley made it to California! And his host was so kind to show us that he arrived safe and sound. As well as she already made sure he got something into his belly. Hey it may be flat, but still needs nourishment.

Mr B's made it also. Hes in Indiana. But hes gonna take a different kind of trip. Hes starting there. And in a little while he will be flying(yep again) this time NOT in a mail plane, but with another host all the way to New Zealand.

Our Stanleys will continue to travel for as long as they are having fun. Every time he returns, we will spend a couple days with him, and send him out again. While Stanley is out visiting a new host, we will be learning about where he just came from. So soon, the boys will start with the States of California, and Indiana. And New Zealand. During the times hes gone again Im sure we can cover the areas he comes from.
Hope our Stanleys are enjoying their trips and bring us back some good information! (and goodies too hehehe)

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dash said...

Yay for Stanley