Friday, September 18, 2009

Another busy week

Just another busy week around here. My loving husband has been on vacation this week, and we are LOVING spending this much time with him. We didn't go anywhere or do anything, other than spend time together. We had some attitude with Mr B. but worked through that with no problems. I think he wanted to take vacation with Papa Bear. lol. We had Lego Club this week, which is THE highlight of the month. And the boys have found friends that they want to have over for a sleepover, so that may happen in the near future.
We also decided this week that we will move Lil Bear up to 2nd grade. Yes its very early in the year, but like his brother, 1st grade holds no challenge. The workboxes are going wonderfully, and one day soon, I might actually take a picture of it. Right now we are just using Fileboxes. And only 10 folders. They love knowing how much more is left. And seeing that they are making it to 10 quickly makes for more fun. Most the time we are done with school stuff by lunch, and have half the day for fun stuff. I try to make sure in their workboxes there is a couple fun things in there.
Also today, the boys found that its better to go to the store during the day lol. Its WAY less crowded and...Yup you guessed it. MORE SAMPLES! They love the sample carts.
What once seemed so scary...Now seems so normal. The first time we homeschooled, we were scared we were not good enough, smart enough, or anything enough, to be doing this. No one around us did, and wee felt very alone in the journey. This time...SO MUCH different. over a month and a half later, its normal. We don't feel like we are out of place, or that we are not smart enough. The boys are loving it. They have met SO MANY other homeschooled kids. They love that when we do stuff during the day, its WAY less crowded. (of course we still don't like the stares like why are those kids not in school) And explaining LIFE is school...well most people don't understand it. A trip to the grocery store is ALWAYS a learning experience. A trip to the gas station is too! (they like to see exactly how many gallons there are in 15 bucks LOL) The boys love the fact they can interact with people of ALL ages. Young and old. They don't care. And in a month and a half have learned more than they would have in a year of sitting at a desk in a big overpopulated classroom of bullies. Ahhh we love our life :-)

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