Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I love K'nex

I called off "school" for the day.. And yet my kids decided that they wanted to do learning stuff anyways. I love these boys. This is a oil pump. They worked long and hard on this, a windmill, and a thing that actually looks like those swings you ride at the fair that go round and round and round........
They were given to them for Christmas from a guy at Papa Bears job. A great gift I must say. They like to experiment to see how they can make stuff move.
So our called off day, ended up with Solar power discussions, and how its renewable because your using a natural resource. And Now we are watching RUSH. lol. If its anything music, They are all for it.
LAst night they made No Bake cookies. With very little mommy help. Lil Bear Read ingredients. While Mr B gathered. The lil Bear read how much and Mr B measured and poured. Lil Bear mixed. And YUMMY! Everything in life can be turned into a wonderful learning experience. And on top of that. They had fun. And isn't that what really matters?

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