Saturday, September 05, 2009

Changes...One of lifes GREATEST Challenges

As everyone knows, when a change happens..or may happen, life gets a little weird. And challenging. Mainly when your waiting on a change, and your stomach is in knots, and your mind is racing. AS this next week goes by, we hope for these changes. I cannot discuss in detail what those may be. But believe me I want to. As of right now, I am so afraid to jinx a sounds wonderful and life changing happy......Yeah you got it.
The kids have done pretty good. Working on some of that attitude, that seems to just happen at this age. We started using our version of the workboxes this past week. And it really seems to be a great idea. They are doing really well. Even challenging each other to see who can finish first...Of course, Mr B did decide to HIDE stuff so he could catch up. Guess for a little while I am going to have to pay a lot closer attention lol. We are all doing great. Our flat stanleys are ready to go. And should be sent out Monday(STILL have to get envelopes!) Well as of right now, the mind is going absolutely insane and I can't even keep a clear straight thought going.
Thats it. Going back to watch OU play! BOOMER SOONER

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