Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And so we all change

After a particular frustrating day. I took a step back. I mean the beauty of homeschool is, if it don't work, change it...right?? After reading another homeschool moms blog(would link it but didnt ask permission lol) and talking to her. I realized. Im going about things ALL wrong. Kids already were doing lots of paper stuff. But Ya know, it was to much like public school. And then to find that the school failed my oldest. Was a hard blow. When I have been told over and over how ahead he was. TO find some basic stuff he was left behind in, and no one ever said it. I was hacked to say the least. So anyways, after having a heart to heart with my friend. And myself. I got paper out, and the boys sat down to write what THEY want to learn about. And here it is.....
(yes a lot of wars but they are obsessed with the aircraft more than the war lol)

Cold War
Revolutionary War
Korean War
George Washington
Lewis &Clark(I know this is a event also)
Elvis Presley(dont ask me)
Van Gogh
Chemical reactions
Natural and Manmade resources
Planets and Stars
Prehistoric times
Ice Age
Different instruments(ok they listed almost EVERY instrument)
Types of music(they listed classical, rock, jazz,folk, country,blues...)

I left some off the list because they really coincide with others so its kinda a mix. I was REALLY surprised at this list. I guess I expected a rather short list, without specifics. And honestly The list was GREAT!They want to make volcanoes and we were also discussing Flat Stanley. That we will be hopefully doing next month. Our homeschool group is a great one. And we are adding things daily to our calendar. The boys are excited to see it fill up with all kinds of fun things. And don't realize how much they learn in each activity. I am very proud of my boys. The changes everyday are amazing. The love of learning is returning. And its nice to see them interacting with kids and adults alike. In ways that I thought were lost. The way they interact with each other is even more dramatic.
For the people who know me personally, know the past couple years have been filled with a lot of arguing and fighting between the boys, lots of negative. Its like they really did hate each other. And hated everything around them. We took our oldest in after a incident that shocked us to no end. To find that he has aspergers syndrome. Now, we did not go through the absolute diagnoses. We didn't want that stamp on him right now. Because well, honestly, we didn't really believe them. I still have my moments that I don't. But somethings do make sense. BUT- In 3 months. I am seeing my old boys again. The ones from before a couple years ago. There is caring and compassion comping back. Cooperation. They are holding conversations that most people look at them like WHAT do you teach those kids(and not in a bad way) Talking about rocket ships and the deep space. And about why Pluto is no longer a planet. Im talking NOT your normal kid talk. Don't get me wrong. They will also hold hour long conversations about Bakugan. They spent 2 hours one day with Play Doh. 2 HOURS!! Not once did they fight over the colors. Not once did they yell I want that toy. I listened to them with tears in my eyes, as they ASKED when your done with that may I play with it.....OMG IS THIS REALLY MY KIDS!?!?! May I???? When your done??? Your kidding me right. I have played referee for a couple years over EVERY single little thing. And the only thing I have had to deal with lately...Some backtalk. A lil attitude. But its only when I want them to do a chore. LOL. They still get a little rough with each other. They are boys after all. They still have some spats. Its not get along 100% of the time. But ya know 90% is fine by me.
My kids are happy again. And that is all I could ever want.

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susieloulou said...

Woohoo - very impressive! You are such a great homeschooling mom - besides a great blogger!