Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun in the sun..and a little burn

Yesterday my brother was nice enough to take our family to the water park here. Got there by 10:30am. We didnt leave till almost 6 pm. We rode a bunch of water slides. Lil Bear and his no fear self, was glad to walk up all those stairs to ride them all the way down. Grinning from ear to ear. Mr B. Had fun playing in the waves. He liked the slides more after finally getting him on one.(Understandable..sometimes you do feel like your gonna flip or come off the top) But once he got on one he was happy to go on more. We didn't wait long for anything. Except floaties. :) We applied the sunscreen..a few times. And still 3 outta 4 of us have sunburns. Lil bear well that child I swear, has the prettiest brown skin. LOL! Kid don't burn hardly at all. I think he took most the Indian coloring from us. I am pale. I will burn a little then tan. Mr B- Well that kid took the freckle wearing part of my side. And will burn easily. Papa Bear. Well that guy, he can tan good too(but got some pink also lol) Me...Well I got burned haha. Most of it will tan over. The rest. We will see about.
My sister in law got pretty burned too. Their baby is still white as can be. Kept him slathered up and mostly in the shade.
In the end it was very nice for them to bring us along. The kids, they were extremely happy to go and have a day in the sun and water. We didn't worry so much about the boys in the water, since they are becoming very comfortable in their beginning swimming abilities. And it was nice to see them swimming in water where they couldnt touch bottom. And to see the smiles on their faces. The night before lil bear couldn't sleep at all. He was up after midnight asking us how many more hours LOL. And boy they slept so well last night, they both slept in this morning. Even Mr B who is normally up at the crack of dawn, was not up till after 9 am.
Ok well it is laundry day. I must break away from the blogging for a little bit and get that going.

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