Monday, August 10, 2009

A frustrating day...

Today has been one of THOSE days. you know.. THAT day that should have NEVER happened. NOTHING goes right. Nerves are SHOT.
I woke up ok. Drank some coffee. Kids got up got brekkie. Asked for schoolwork. And then..I swear everything just flipped. The bear became a needy grumpy bear. Just decided he didn't like anything and didn't know anything. It has become apparent. I will be taking a hiatus from everything during school time. I will be focusing straight on teaching and getting back on track. Then, reality of public school hit. Mr behind. This is something I have never stated out load. Because its never happened. He has always been ahead. Well, in reading. He supposedly was on track with math. NOT SO. SO heres a big thank you to the public school.(totally wanna be inappropriate here) WHO LIED and said he was doing great. I am thinking its pass and pass and don't care. My 5th grader, we have to take some steps back with. And I am very frustrated with it. I really wanted to cry this morning. Realizing we are taking a few steps back to go over certain subjects. THAT I KNOW were taught to him before, and never knew there was any problems, I am going to be reteaching. Thank you to a no child left behind, My child can read and comprehend 10th grade stuff. But guess what. He passed in Math. And all they were worried about was how fast he couldn't multiply! Grammar....yup going over that again too...Science.. His fav subject.. Yup that needs some work... Ohh need we mention SOCIAL STUDIES???

Onto other stuff I am going to apply for a job tomorrow. Part time. It would be nice to be able to help get us out of debt. Somethings gotta give. My poor husbands been working so hard for so long. And I am sick and tired of him not getting the appreciation he deserves. I am soo proud of him for all he does. He is a great husband and father. And I hope one day he will be able to sit back and just enjoy life. and his family. Without wondering all those thoughts, that cause some major stress.

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