Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday is here again

Monday is here and I got up early, to see the gray day and have a couple cups of coffee before my boys wake.
I sat here this morning for over a hour, reading blogs, catching up on what everyone else is up to(obviously lots are still in bed haha) and thinking. About the big Changes in the past week of our lives.
1. Life without Cable TV- Its been a few days, and I don't miss it. We have been paying how much money for all these years..For TV we no longer care to watch. Today I am gonna add movie night to our list again. We used to do it, But noticed we have kinda slipped away from a lot of those types of activities.
2. Puzzles- I dug out a puzzle we started on MONTHS ago. I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing them. I sat here yesterday doing this puzzle, and every now and then a child would come talk to me and help find a piece. And lil bear last night fed me apple pieces while I found pieces to match
3. The changes in my boys- Last week I was realizing. Ya know, I have not had to remind my kids a ton to be nice to each other, or share, or to do their chores etc. Well Saturday brought tears to my eyes. Mr B had a wonderful birthday party. Lots of friends, and presents he loved. Not once during the party did I have to ask my boys to be nice. And after it was over, and everyone was gone, I fully expected to hear fighting over the new toys. Instead lil bear runs out to me all excited, holding something in his hands. (I expected a rollie pollie) But instead he holds out 2 of Mr Bs brand new Bakugon( now if I spelled that wrong forgive me...) And tells me his brother GAVE them to him. Now for those who know how my kids have been THIS IS NOT NORMAL. So I go and ask Mr B and hes like Yeah Mom now he can play WITH ME! I almost fainted. I just smiled and told him that was sooo super sweet of him to do that. And when I walked away...I think I was in shock. THIS IS THE BEST CHANGE EVER!
I noticed in the past week, my kids are not fighting as much. They are working together. And playing much more relaxed.

Thats just 3 changes. Things are looking up.

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