Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday has come again...laugh all you want

After yesterdays gray day, the sun is out and I am feeling a little more productive. And after a particular..incident in the kitchen, I thought ahhh my readers need a laugh.
I was washing dishes, and for some reason, I do ask my lovely bears to help. As the bear gets trash off the table, I asked Mr B to get some old food out of the fridge and dump it in the trash. Don't ask me why I do these things. But yes..Mr B gets the bowl of baked ziti thats been in the fridge for a week, and dumps it ON the trashbag, which in turn dumps half into the floor....and my feet. Now there are no words to explain just how disgusting cold wet food feels on your bare feet. Its a feeling I DO NOT want again. I am normally NOT a sensitive person to certain things. But man that was cold wet and...GAG! JUST as I thought that mess was over, I decided..well this trash bag stinks so fill it up with all the expired and/or old food out of the fridge. WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS?? On top of some very old not even enough for 1 serving bowl with green beans in it. I see the bottom of a bowl. THAT is never good.I go to grab the bowl to find this bowl, that originally had more juice than corn in it.. well now was some dried up corn. with no lid.. Here we go.. pull out everything because we all know it couldnt be on a bottom shelf and proceed to clean dried corn and congealed corn juice off of every single shelf and the back wall of the fridge AND under the bottom drawer.....At this point I SO DO NOT want to look anywhere else. I am scared of what I may find..At least the fridge is now clean HAHA....And no.. no pics needed. just picture it in your mind. I refuse to show off the inside of my fridge...even if it is clean....now lol

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