Sunday, July 26, 2009

My baby is 10

Went to the Science museum and had a blast for most of the day. This is him in the tornado tube. You can see how fast the "wind" is blowing.

He had one of the most AWESOME cakes!

I will give props to the best bakery in the world. Red Velvet Bakery
She makes some of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted. And believe me I LOVE to bake from scratch.

He had a blast. Was so excited that friends showed up. Actually had a lot of people here! Been a LONG time since we had that happen!

The day before Mr B's birthday I had to tell him the story if the day he came. LOL. Its so funny, but he wants me to tell it every year. And so I do. TO let you share in a good laugh, and the joy of having my first child. I will give a lil bit of a story.
I woke up that morning feeling VERY grumpy. A mess in the bathroom had me extremely irritated. Daddy decided a few days before I was not allowed to drive so nana came over and took Uncle to the mall and me to Burger King. It was SOOOO hot. I felt awful and was POSITIVE it was a great day to have a baby. And while I was trying to eat a double bacon cheeseburger... I felt something not quite right. I get up to go check to find YEP water public..Burger King I had it my way. So back to the car we go(after I swear literally scaring a teen working there) And lovely nana left my burger at the table. Went back to apartment to grab my stuff and call daddy. I just said Honey and he knew LOL> He just said ON MY WAY and hung up. I finally get to the hospital daddy shows up not long after. Your meme nana and daddy watch you come into the world.. 56 minutes into the next day. A beautiful 6 pound 10 ounce 20 inch long baby boy.
Like it was yesterday...and its now been 10 years...


Brenda said...

Sweet story of the day he was born. And the science museum looks like so much fun. Glad y'all enjoyed yourselves. Miss you. Brenda

René said...

Oooh... sounds like a lot of fun!