Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I don't even know what to do here

I am a person who likes things clean. I have my spots in my house that can drive me crazy. And somedays I seem to clean a lot. Today.. I walked into my bathroom.. Now ANYONE who has boys understands this. I am completely outnumbered here. Come on I got a girl dog just to add some estrogen of some sort. But OMG! SOMEONE PLEASE tell me when they learn to aim. And I am not talking about aiming on the floor, or the back of the toilet. And you know.. NOT me lives here. Not Me is who peed on my floor, Not me is the one who does everything here. Now that I have had my early morning rant. I guess I am off to clean a bathroom, that Not me did, and Not me is invisible so I can never seem to find him to get onto him and have him clean it up.


littleoldladyinashoe said...

well lets see Rob is 43 and ummmm never! They never learn!
BTW never try to clean it with bleach. I about killed myself pouring bleach on that ammonia based pee.

Christina said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Yes.. I did that once.. Thought I was gonna fall over and had to open windows. I REALLY wish they would learn though. LOL. I have even made them clean it up. STILL dont make them stop. And to prove WHO is the worst I would have to stand and watch.. NOT HAPPENIN!