Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bears Room

This week I have been working on The Bears room. And we are ALMOST DONE! Surprisingly he pitched stuff on his own. This is my itch to pitch this week so no pictures will be shown YET. After being in his room for 3 days a little area each day, So far I realize almost every toy he has fits in his bins. He still has a toy box. I hate to think of getting rid of it. Maybe thats part of the baby in him I want to not lose. Hes only 6. But at 6, baby snoopy is not his fav decor. And Seriously I put 8 toys back in that toybox. Just to keep it in there. Even though he uses it more of a nightstand now. He has a alarm clock on it. But Im seeing the change in the room that is showing my, my last baby is growing up. Theres a bookshelf in there, with actual books on it that are not plastic chewy books. Theres a desk, so he can sit and read or draw. HE CAN READ! I think soon, I will have to give up the toy box, and just keep the memory of my last baby, as a baby.

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