Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toys Toys and More Toys

Don't get me wrong. My kids don't own the latest and greatest. I don't feel like(or have the funds to) pay 60 plus bucks for a toy I KNOW wont last. Or doesn't work like the commercial says. But my kids own a LOT of toys. Army Men Galore, Matchbox cars, Ben10, Dinosaurs.. I mean you get the point. Lots of little things. They don't have a ton of space. I had to put their toy bins into their closets. And no.. No walk in or big closets here either. So far I have done everything I can to save space. Now its time to do more. Since for the most part, If army men come out, they drag out both of their bins full. Its time to put them ALL into a container. Same with Matchbox. wIth the knowledge they have THEIR favorite cars, I will probably allow them to keep those few favs in their rooms. But I am clearing a spot in the garage for bins. And I can label each and when they want 1. They can get the bin and HOPEFULLY, this will make clean up easier also. We will see if they will go along with combining the mass amount of things long separated so they each have their own.


Jessica Morris said...

My boys are still young 2.5 and almost 1, but I have kept their toys to a minimum from day 1. It is UNBELIEVABLE the amount of stuff you get when you have a kid... gifts, second hand, etc.
If a new toy stays I toss one or two old ones.
They only play with a select few anyway!

Christina said...

I really try to keep them minimized. The boys are very good about keeping stuff from getting broken. If I added both their cars alone.. there is AT LEAST 500. And most the time if 1 gets something the other gets almost identical. So double bags of army men, double dinos.. haha